Selected Discography 

ALBUM/PROJECT                                ARTIST                        CREDITS 

"Make America Groove" P/E/V coproduced with Thom 'TK' Kidd

"Good News". Diane Durrett P/E/V

"Blue Water"      - Diane Durrett   P/E/V

"Hello World" -   film soundtrack - E/V

"Another Ride Around the Sun" Diane Durrett  P/E/V - coproduced with Thom 'T.K.' Kidd

“I Know Your Voice Anywhere” – Gwen Hughes – coproduced with John Driskell Hopkins – P/E/V 

LIVE @ Eddie’s Attic – coproduced with Thom ‘TK’ Kidd – P/E/V 

FLOW - coproduced with Melissa Junebug - P/E/V 

“The River Sings” coproduced Melissa Junebug -  – Winner of Global Peace Song Award- P/E/V 

“The Rose”- coproduced Thom ‘TK’ Kidd – P/E/V 

“Watch the Moon” - Gwen Hughes – (4 tracks) P/E/BV/VP 

Diane Durrett & Soul Suga – P/E/V 

Winner of ‘Best Self Produced Album’ Atlanta Blues Society 

Julie Thames – Artist Development - P/E/BV/VP 

Georgia Christmas – Album – P/E/V 

“Alan Jackson Highway” – single - Kelsey Oakley – P/E/BV/VP 

Say Yes – Artist Development - Julie Thames – P/E/V/VP 

“Everybody Wins” theme song for the film ‘The Unseen’ – P/V 

CHILL – Album – P/V 

American Cancer Society – theme song – P/V 

“Take Me As I Am” theme song for film ‘Ready, Willing & Able’ – P/V 

Kroger – theme song - “Whatever Makes Soul Your Sing” - P/V 

Primerica – theme song - “Fly From the Mountain” co-produced with Jayne Olderman - P/V 

“Everything Money Can’t Buy” – Artist Development – P/BV 

50,000 Volts of Soul – Album – P/BV 

Producer -P -  Engineer - Vocal Producer – Artist Development- Vocals – Background Vocal

"Whatever Makes Your Soul Sing" Documentary Trailer 

Check out this preview of “Whatever Makes Your Soul Sing” and its short documentary. I’ve had the honor to produce this song and work with a team of amazing women and girls on this project such as Alfreda Gerald, Melissa "Junebug", Peggy Still Johnson, Myra Walker, Fuji Fujimoto, Daniela Rivera, Elise Witt, Juliett Rowe & Global Village Chorus as well as my cowriter Jayne Olderman.  

Coming soon on all streaming platforms.