Producer/Engineer Credits

Selected Discography 

Producer -P -  Engineer - Vocal Producer – Artist Development- Vocals – Background Vocal 

"Skipped That Step" - Devon Gates P/E

"Child of the Blues" - Mike Mattison -  P/E/BV 

"Put A Lid On It"- Album -  Diane Durrett & Soul Suga - P/E/V/BV

 "Make America Groove" P/E/V coproduced with Thom 'TK' Kidd

"Good News". Diane Durrett P/E/V

"Blue Water"      - Diane Durrett   P/E/V

"Hello World" -   film soundtrack - E/V

"Another Ride Around the Sun" Diane Durrett  P/E/V - coproduced with Thom 'T.K.' Kidd

“I Know Your Voice Anywhere” – Gwen Hughes – coproduced with John Driskell Hopkins – P/E/V 

LIVE @ Eddie’s Attic – coproduced with Thom ‘TK’ Kidd – P/E/V 

FLOW - coproduced with Melissa Junebug - P/E/V 

“The River Sings” coproduced Melissa Junebug -  – Winner of Global Peace Song Award- P/E/V 

“The Rose”- coproduced Thom ‘TK’ Kidd – P/E/V 

“Watch the Moon” - Gwen Hughes – (4 tracks) P/E/BV/VP 

Diane Durrett & Soul Suga – P/E/V 

Winner of ‘Best Self Produced Album’ Atlanta Blues Society 

Julie Thames – Artist Development - P/E/BV/VP 

Georgia Christmas – Album – P/E/V 

“Alan Jackson Highway” – single - Kelsey Oakley – P/E/BV/VP 

Say Yes – Artist Development - Julie Thames – P/E/V/VP 

“Everybody Wins” theme song for the film ‘The Unseen’ – P/V 

CHILL – Album – P/V 

American Cancer Society – theme song – P/V 

“Take Me As I Am” theme song for film ‘Ready, Willing & Able’ – P/V 

Kroger – theme song - “Whatever Makes Soul Your Sing” - P/V 

Primerica – theme song - “Fly From the Mountain” co-produced with Jayne Olderman - P/V 

“Everything Money Can’t Buy” – Artist Development – P/BV 

50,000 Volts of Soul – Album – P/V/BV